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Sarah Kay Bierle’s newest book Call Out The Cadets: The Battle of New Market (Savas Beatie, 2019) is now available for purchase

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Sarah Kay Bierle founded Gazette665’s Blog in 2014, and it’s been growing ever since. We want to help you learn about history through quality publications and exciting events. We love to network with history groups and are always looking for innovative ways to share about the past.

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  1. Congratulations your book, Sarah! I love your site. I am going to share it with a friend who has just started home schooling her young children. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just finished reading Blue, Gray, & Crimson and found it to be a very enjoyable and enlightening read. Congratulations on such a well written book!

  3. Congratulations, fellow Thomas Edison grad, on your Civil War novel! I graduated in 1986 and am another history buff. In fact, I wrote PETTICOAT WARRIOR (out in trade paperback in late 2014). I was especially interested interested in your research on care for the wounded, as my novel is about two medical doctors. Different location and premise, but I found the journal of my great-grandfather very helpful in terms of conditions and medicines available, etc. Anyway, I was heartened to learn of your research and wish you much success in your future endeavors.
    —Barbara Griffin Dan

  4. Blue, Gray, and Crimson – great read from a different perspective than most Gettysburg books! I thoroughly enjoyed it; Clearly you have put a lot of work into it. You really draw the reader in emotionally and I like the Christian theme.

    Must be a wonderful feeling to see an idea you began with at the age of 9 turn into an outstanding novel. Hoping you intend to pursue writing other books with historical periods and events as the setting. I think you’re very good at it; I enjoy your writing style.

    I enjoy your input in the Emerging Civil War and thought I’d buy this – am glad I did!

  5. Ms. Bierle, as you may recall I and my two cousins had the pleasure of having lunch with you under a large shade tree at the 2016 ECW conference. (3 baldheaded old guys) You were continuing after the conference to study Jackson’s activity in the Valley. I recently found a book at a book sale in a small local library that has interesting information on the Valley that you might find helpful in your overall research on the Valley. GRUMBLE, by Dobbie Edward Lambert.
    Good luck in your work!
    D.O. Kelley
    Boonville, IN

  6. I want to start off by saying I really enjoy your ECW articles, it’s nice to read something so different. Not only did I have no idea what living history was I never even heard of it. The thing I most love about it is because it’s living history you can actually go see it on your vacation. So I want to thank you for the articles because they expand my mind in a new direction and I’m all about learning when it comes to anything history. I actually studied wwII for 20yrs (as I worked on my History degree from U of M) until one day I went to pick up my book I ordered and the person in front of me was returning a Xmas gift that was a box set trilogy on the civil war by Shelby Foote. I thought to myself “that’s different” and told the cashier I’ll take it. That was 4.5 years ago, havn’t read a wwII book since and purchased roughly 350 civil war books on top of that. Then you have 2 books published also, that’s awesome!!! I don’t read fiction as a rule of thumb but your articles are so interesting I may have to take a look!!!

  7. Dear Sarah, I mentioned in a earlier post why I enjoy your articles so much. As a writer with 2 books published and probably hundreds if not thousands of articles published between ECW and Gazzete665 I was wondering if you had a mentor when you started? Despite your books being fiction from what I’ve seen of them (a gf has them) and you articles you must do a tremendous amount of research. I only ask you because soon after graduating in December and getting through the holidays I started my book, I bought nearly 15 books to make sure I new all the material front to back and back to front. Each of the 3 battlefields is hosting a weekend long symposium where people bring letters, diaries, and other such primary resources. Then I’m calling way ahead to get the best battlefield guide so I know the terrain and can take pics. But I have one major problem, I have no clue how to access the OR, where I can access the OR, how to find the very specific matierial I need from the OR , how to put in footnotes (I hate endnotes) the proper way to show where I got the specific information. With all your contacts do you know of anybody who is available to teach me these things??? I’m too far advanced in my research and have appointments with many people in the three towns the battles took place to quit, besides it’s not in my blood to quit. I’ll gladly pay someone to show me how. My # is 248.520.3967 and my email Is jeffrey_r_ross@yahoo PLEASE ZI DON’T KNOW WHERE TO TURN

    • Hi Jeffrey,
      Glad you hear you enjoy the articles.
      Official Records can be an intimidating challenge. They are available and searchable on the Internet at Cornell University: http://ebooks.library.cornell.edu/m/moawar/waro.html I find this is an excellent starting place and once I’ve found the volume I need to see, I will sometimes visit one of the research libraries to look at the actual printed book. As for end-notes and footnotes, does the publisher have guidelines? That’s usually the best place to start.
      I’m sorry I don’t know of anyone to provide further assistance at this time.
      Sarah Kay Bierle

      • Dear Sarah
        Thank you so much for the guidance, it all helps. I’ve enjoyed your material very much and you should be proud to have succeeded so well in a mainly “mans” field although more women are finally starting to be respected historians. I apologize for responding late but my brother-in-law overdosed on painkillers and my sister and his poor 15yr old son are wrecked.
        …HATE DRUGS

    • Did you sign up in the email box at the top of the right column? Did you comfirm subscription? Are they going to spam? That’s odd. Please let me know if you continue having trouble.

  8. Sarah first of all feel free at Fort Mac to stop and rest a while and have a cool drink with Rosecrans Auxiliary.

    Second Elizabeth Can Lew is a favorite of mine. In reading about her I found she was never called Crazy Bet in her lifetime. In the 1920’s is the first time that name was applied. I am not sure of the source it was six years ago I read it. Will look and see if I can find the source.

  9. Sarah is the book of Christmas stories your third book release? Last time I talked to you you were just working on it I can’t believe you finish 10 stories already and had it published that’s totally awesome really proud of you. Like I said before I wish there was more women interested in history because a lot of times they bring a different perspective or bring up different topics that is the caveman we quite often are as men we don’t even think of. Anyway I love your articles and I’m really proud of you congratulations on the book and God bless

    • Actually the Christmas collection released in 2016 and was my second published book. Last weekend my third publication was released : Lighthouse Loyalty. There is more information about the books under the “Books” tab on the website. Thanks for the kind words.

  10. Need your help please. Came across a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation at a yard sale.it’s an amazing piece of history that I have.cannot find anything like it on any website anywhere. Could really use your help in this matter
    The copy I have has the binders in the photos which all Emancipation Proclamation copies have been removed that I can find cannot find anything like I it other than the one that’s in the American National Archives.
    It’s completely identical to the one there
    Again thank you for your time and your consideration on this matter.
    Sincerely Steven

    • Hi Steven,
      It’s probably a reproduction of the Emancipation Proclamation. I’m not an expert on that document, but you might check for additional information about the original documents on Library of Congress or the U.S. National Archives websites.

  11. Hi Sarah,
    I hope this finds you well. I am a living historian also and was trying to verify if Dr Hunter Mcguire left Gettysburg on July 4th, or did he stay back with the wounded for a week or two? Common sense tells me he would have left with the army. In your article, “An Elusive Doctor at Gettysburg”, you indicate he did leave with the wounded or the 2nd army corps staff. Do you have a reference for this? Thank you so much for any help you can offer. Sincerely, Chris Graham

  12. Wow! Love your You Tube videos on New Market! You sound professional already, look forward to future videos and your new book, “Call out the Cadets”.

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