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“We understand…Continue to Stand for the Ideals”

I can’t believe this is the fourth and final post for the month of June – our last post to commemorate the Normandy Invasion of 1944.  Earlier this month, world leaders met on the Normandy shores to remember the events … Continue reading

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Historic Aircraft in Tucson, AZ

Bonus post…I’ve been traveling. Some of you may have noticed that the weekly post (this month featuring the Normandy Invasion) was late in appearing last week.  No, delayed posting is not going to be my habit, and perhaps you will … Continue reading

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Destroy a Bridge & Land a Glider: Stories from Normandy

There are many true stories about what happened during the Normandy Invasion. Veterans have shared their remembrances and family or historians have written down these primary sources. I suppose I could retell and paraphrase some of these stories, but today … Continue reading

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No Second Guessing: A Lesson From Allied Headquarters, 1944

Have you ever had those moments of panic when you second guess yourself, sincerely hoping that you’ve prepared for a school test, worrying about the project you’re overseeing at work, or wondering if your kids are ready to face the … Continue reading

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June 6 – What Happened Today?

What happened today? Um…hmm – you’re most likely thinking. Is it someone’s birthday or anniversary? You’re getting closer. It’s an anniversary of a costly fight to preserve liberty and freedom of thought around the world. June 6, 1944, was D-Day … Continue reading

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Welcome to Gazette665

If you’re looking for quick and interesting history lessons, educational resources, or short historical fiction stories, you’ve come to the right place.  This post explores what to look for on this new blog…join the fun! The blog posts for each … Continue reading

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