Welcome to Gazette665


If you’re looking for quick and interesting history lessons, educational resources, or short historical fiction stories, you’ve come to the right place.  This post explores what to look for on this new blog…join the fun!

The blog posts for each month will be themed and will take a closer look at a historic event, person, place, anniversary, or era’s culture.  The themes may range from ancient history to modern times, but I’m partial to American History and the Civil War era – just letting you know.  The goal of my posts will be to entertain, educate, and inspire and I’m looking for feedback from my readers to let me know how I’m accomplishing those goals!  Also, watch for occasional “bonus posts” which will detail places I’m currently visiting, up-coming events to follow, what I’m reading, etc. etc.

Look for the first themed blog post on Friday, June 6, 2014…I’ll even give you a hint about the theme for this month.  Hint: 70 years ago.

Specific educational resources are available on the other pages of this site.  I’m a living historian and (wait a second, what does that mean?  Check the page to find out!) my American Civil War group – “The McGuire Home, Winchester, Virginia” – occasionally hosts fun events or travels to re-enactments.  Check it out!  Watch for new pages in the next months and I’ll be sure to let you know in the blog as more becomes available on the site.

Okay – how many of you want to read a historical fiction short story that’s entertaining and informative at the same time?  (I’m counting the raised hands…)  Now, how many of you dabble in writing short historical fiction but find that many magazines don’t want the story, especially if it has a strong religious message?  If you raised your hand on the last question, check out the story submission guidelines to get your short story featured on this site!  Readers, look for new stories and leave some encouragement for our new writers.  (You can check out the first featured story, “Not on a Battlefield,” written by yours truly).

I’m looking forward to this new adventure of blogging and the opportunity to share what I love – History with a Biblical Worldview!  I hope you’ll join me and time travel through the centuries each week from the comfort of your computer screen…

Your historian,

Miss Sarah

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