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Rive’s Salient: Chamberlain’s Leadership

Many people have read or heard of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s actions at Gettysburg. Glorified in the movie Gettysburg, the current myth about this legendary man is that he single-handedly saved the Union on Little Round Top. His leadership played a … Continue reading

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Chamberlain’s “Relaxing” Post-War Life

After the American Civil War concluded, General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain returned to his family and home in Maine.  What would he accomplish next – or was it time to sit down and relax? (If you’ve missed the first and second … Continue reading

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Summer Reading

What are you reading? I’m a writer.  I believe that reading great books can inspire, encourage, and delight. For example, I’m reading Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables…all 1463 pages of it!  I’m on page 941 and am hoping to finish the … Continue reading

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Chamberlain at War

Part 2 in the Chamberlain biography…enjoy!  (The goal is to present the facts and avoid “hero-worship”) Former professor Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was now a lieutenant colonel in the 20th Maine volunteer infantry.  Wearing the dark blue uniform of the Union … Continue reading

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Ooh, Fireworks…?

Happy 4th of July! What are you celebrating today?  You’d really make my day if you’d leave a comment – one or two word answer to the question would be perfect! There’s a historical movie that I occasionally like to … Continue reading

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A Professor Goes To War

A professor going to war?  Did you ever hear anything so extraordinary?  Today, higher education has entrenched itself with world peace, pacifism, and – dare I say it – selfishness.  (Broad statement, I know – I hope there are some patriotic professors … Continue reading

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