Ooh, Fireworks…?

Happy 4th of July!

What are you celebrating today?  You’d really make my day if you’d leave a comment – one or two word answer to the question would be perfect!

There’s a historical movie that I occasionally like to watch and in one scene a British  supply ship is blown up by the Patriot guy.  On shore a clueless lady standing next to the British officer says “Ooh, Fireworks!” clapping her hands and imaging that this serious event is actually a display for her amusement.  (Can you name the movie?  Leave a comment…)

You know, there are a lot of clueless people today – especially in the younger generations – who are going to say “ooh, fireworks” and not give a single thought about what we’re actually commemorating.  They’re going to celebrate 4th of July with BBQs, surfing, and fireworks!  There’s nothing wrong with that, of course – I love a good hamburger and pretty fireworks…  But there’s a problem if you think that 4th of July is nothing more.

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress voted that the American Colonies should be free and independent states!  America was born – Huzzah!  And it’s been 238 years of defending and advancing that freedom through sacrifice and legislation. 

4th of July Gazette665 2014

Take a minute or two and remind your kids and/or friends why we celebrate 4th of July – the day of independence.

So, Happy 4th!  I hope you’ll enjoy your BBQ and the fireworks and remember why we’re celebrating.  Let’s defend our legacy of God-honoring freedom.  Don’t be naïve and think that today is only about fireworks, okay?

God Bless America!

Your historian,

Miss Sarah

2 thoughts on “Ooh, Fireworks…?

  1. I think you said it just right as to what we’re celebrating…As far as the movie goes, I think the scene you are referencing comes from The Patriot with Mel Gibson. Probably the funniest scene in the whole thing! Great movie and a reminder of the sacrifices to make our nation free.

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