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Daniel Morgan: General From The Shenandoah

Last week of September and the last post on the American War for Independence, at least for now. Alright, news release before the main feature post: we have a story contest here at Gazette665! Check it out and join the … Continue reading

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Introducing The Story Contest…

To encourage creative writing, I’m hosting a story contest: The Historical Snowmen Creative Writing Contest!  Tell the story of a historical event from the perspective of an observant snowman.  On the contest page there are some examples and inspiration to get … Continue reading

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History of Helicopters

Today I’m teaching a short class on the History of the Helicopter: 400 BC to Modern Era at a Youth Aviation Club meeting. The group meets about twice a month and encourages young folks to learn about flying and how to make … Continue reading

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Benjamin Lincoln: Trustworthy Patriot

Once upon a time (in 1781) a proud British general (Cornwallis) had to surrender. He was so upset that he refused to go to the ceremony and a subordinate handed over his sword for him. The American general (Washington) refused to take … Continue reading

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200 Years…Star Spangled Banner

200 years ago on September 13-14, 1814, was the bombardment of Fort McHenry.  Occurring during the War of 1812 (yes, the war actually lasted 2 years: 1812-1814), this attack was part of the British attempt to seize Baltimore, Maryland. On … Continue reading

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Washington’s General: Nathanael Greene

Well, the votes have been cast…we’ll be doing brief biographies of military leaders from the American War of Independence for the rest of this month. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but George Washington is not on the list.  It’s time to … Continue reading

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