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Don’t Forget – Christmas 1944

Friday after Christmas. Yawn. What shall we discuss? I suppose we could be self-centered and list what we got for Christmas, but I think not. You see, when we’re self-focused we forget to serve others. Serving others. Honor. Duty. Country. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2014

  There are turning points in history. In world history a turning point might be the French Revolution/Napoleonic Era. In American history: the Civil War. Through the centuries there have been defining events; events that have changed the political, social, … Continue reading

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Gods & Generals Christmas Scene

Here’s Part 2 of your Christmas gift from Gazette665! (Part 1 can be found here.) For all you folks interested in the American Civil War, I had to share this clip from the movie “Gods and Generals.”  This is probably one … Continue reading

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WWI Christmas Scene

Here’s Part 1 of your promised Christmas gift from Gazette665! (Part 2 will follow in a couple days.) Well, my mom always said don’t watch the commercials on TV (and she’s right), but when a friend sent me this video … Continue reading

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Crossing the Delaware

It t’was the night of Christmas…and General George Washington was crossing the Delaware with his Continental Army ready to give the Hessian soldiers (mercenaries of the British) a belated Christmas surprise. Welcome to Part 3 of Historical Happenings on Christmas Day. … Continue reading

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Remember. Honor. Teach.

Last Saturday (December 13, 2014) I helped place fresh evergreen wreaths on the graves of veterans and fallen soldiers in Miramar National Cemetery. It was a thought-provoking event. At a certain moment thousands of people in that cemetery (and in … Continue reading

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