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Elephants, Food Supply…Logistics – Oh My!

How many elephants did Hannibal have? How did he feed his army? These were questions swirling in my mind as I put together the last few posts about Hannibal crossing the Alps. (You can find Part 1, Part 2, and … Continue reading

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Over The Mountains, Into The Plains

“Over the Mountains and into the plains, Toward Rome we go; Hannibal knows the way to lead the elephant train through the deep and drifting snow…” (Okay, that was kind of dumb…but it was one of those silly things a … Continue reading

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Thomas J. Jackson’s Values

Recently, I heard someone talking about “values”…but I was frustrated because he did not define what his values were. He was speaking in broad, generalized terms which may be interpreted as one chooses. It is true that each person has … Continue reading

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Of Exiles, Rome, & Colonial Generals

Ready to continue with our adventure in Ancient History? (American History/Civil War will be back as bonus posts next week and in themes during the coming months, in case you were wondering.) This week we’ll set the historical stage for … Continue reading

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Hannibal’s Alps & Life’s Challenges

Forbidding mountains reaching to touch the sky. Beyond them hostile, enemy armies. What to do? Where to go? Forward. In 218 B.C. a Carthaginian general and his army cross the Italian Alps and entered the heartland of the Roman Republic. … Continue reading

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January 2015: Holiday History & Craft

Happy New Year! And welcome to our first Holiday History & Craft. (This article and craft is designed for younger children and is written accordingly). Did you or your mom get a new calendar for the new year? I did…I’m … Continue reading

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