A Couple Photos…

I had a lovely weekend at Prado Park Civil War Re-enactment with my Civil War living history group “McGuire Home, Winchester, Virginia.” Unfortunately, though, I didn’t take a lot of photos, mostly because I didn’t want to be caught with a camera in my hand when I was portraying a young woman from 1863. 😉 So my apologies for the lack of exciting photos…

Here’s a brief summary of the weekend for those who are interested.

I loved the location – camping on grass is especially nice. Our neighbors – Confederate White House – were delightful and we enjoyed visiting and making the “four yard journey” between Winchester and Richmond. Across the street, the Flying Horse Artillery had set up there picket lines, so we also had about 15 horses nearby and that was a lot of fun too! The coordinators of the event were very nice and friendly. There were quite a few spectators and we had many opportunities to share the story of the McGuire Family and the War in Winchester. Quite a few folks told us that we made history come alive and that makes me very happy! Church service was very enjoyable, and thank you Chaplain Steve for an encouraging message.

A big congrats to the units who won the prizes for authentic camps. “McGuires” will definitely be working for that award again next year. 😉 Really enjoyed the US Division Field Hospital camp and presentation – you guys and ladies are doing a fabulous job and it’s been fun to meet and “work” with you.

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

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