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Power of the Pen (Civilians and War, Part 4)

I still like to write and receive hand-written letters. I know, it’s very old-fashion, but emails, texting, andĀ private messagingĀ (despite their convenience) just don’t compare to words shaped by friend’s hand. However, I have a rule – I do not write … Continue reading

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Fleeing To Stay Free (Gettysburg Civilians)

Spoiler Alert! The Westmore Family in Blue, Gray & Crimson stay at their home through the battle and aftermath, but not every Gettysburg family did. Some, like the Thorn Family, left their home because the officers ordered them to leave. … Continue reading

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‘Blue, Gray & Crimson’ In The News

There’s an excited author at Gazette665 this morning! Here’s the official media release about my book from Christian Newswire. ‘Blue, Gray and Crimson’ by Sarah Kay Bierle Presents an Unforgettable Civilian Story of Gettysburg TEMECULA, Calif., July 27, 2015 /Christian … Continue reading

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300,000 Airplanes, Scrap Drives, & Cheerful Giving – Civilians in War, Part 3

Civilians support armies. It’s as simple as that. And when armies don’t have home front support…well, there’s a historic example about fifty years ago (unfortunately). But rather than use a negative example, let’s take a look at World War II … Continue reading

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Young Heroes in Gettysburg

There were children in Gettysburg. No, that really shouldn’t be a newsflash, especially remembering we’re discussing 19th century America when large families were the norm. But what about these children? What did they do during the battle? Did they get … Continue reading

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Christmas in July!

I’ve always wanted to host a Civil War Christmas educational event, but December always gets so crazy busy. This year McGuire Home Winchester, Virginia, Civil War Living History hosted “Christmas in July” – a tea and educational event. We had … Continue reading

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