It’s Official – Blue, Gray & Crimson Is Now Available!

Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at GettysburgLooking for some easy, insightful summer reading? A family read-aloud? A Civil War story for next school year?

Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at Gettysburg is one of the first historical fiction novels to focus on the civilian experience in the Gettysburg countryside. (Most Gettysburg fiction has a military or town setting.)

I spent eight months researching Gettysburg civilians, the battle, and the aftermath before I put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard!). And I’m pleased to share the historical facts in an easy to read, entertaining form.

Readers will meet a fourteen year old girl and her family and witness their shock, horror, and confusion as the Battle of Gettysburg explodes on their doorstep. Themes of courage, strong faith, and self-less actions present admirable character qualities throughout the story.

Learn more about the story, the history, and the author HERE!

Blue, Gray & Crimson is available through Amazon and Barnes& Signed copies are available through Gazette665 – CLICK HERE!

Your Historian (and Author),

Miss Sarah

P.S. Questions about the book, research, or writing? I’d be happy to answer any questions in the comments!



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