August 2015 – Holiday History & Craft

THIS ONESummer… Enjoying the hot days, cool evenings, watermelon, water fights, good books, or the beach? How about ice cream?

Well, this poor writer and crafter was at her wit’s end this month because there are no major U.S. Holidays in August. How sad…until I discovered that August is “Family Fun Month.” That’s perfect, so that’s our theme for the month.

Now, since it’s kind of hard to write some history about our topic, (after all I think we all know what family fun is) let’s jump right to the craft and have some FAMILY FUN!

Who doesn’t love ice cream? I don’t see very many raised hands. How about a non-drip ice cream cone to organize the papers on the refrigerator? Let’s get crafty…

CRAFT – Ice Cream Cone Magnets

Adult Supervision Advised

Family Fun Craft - August 2015What You’ll Need:

Wax paper (to protect the table from glue)

Foam Sheets – brown, and then the colors of your ice cream (I chose white and pink)



Scissor (BE CAREFUL when using these – they’re sharp)



Magnetic strips

Lay out some wax paper and begin by gluing (or using self-adhesive) to stick the magnetic strips to the back of the clothespin. Set aside. (If making multiple magnets, just repeat steps as many times as necessary!)




Family Fun Craft - August 2015Cut out a triangle from the brown foam sheet. Make sure it will cover the width of the clothespin and about 2/3 the of the length.

Cut a circle from the foam sheet you’ve chosen for the ice cream color. Hint: I used a small plastic container to help me trace a perfect circle, use the pencil.


Use the markers to decorate the cones with cross-hatch designs and add chunks of cookie to the vanilla ice cream (or whatever else you imagine would be good). Note: the marker pens I used took a very, very long time to dry permanently. You might try a permanent market or some other form of pen…just a thought.

Family Fun Craft - August 2015Now, glue the ice cream to the cone and let it dry for a while.





Finally, glue the clothespin to the ice cream cone (magnetic side up, of course). Let it dry.

Place on refrigerator, file cabinet, or other metal surface and clip paper notes into the clothespin.

THIS ONELastly, eat ice cream?



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