Why Do We Ignore Gettysburg Civilians?

I have a theory, a belief, a conviction.

Usually civilians get ignored in the studies of war. But at Gettysburg, something mysterious happens… The civilian population of 1863 was called awful names and often berated by national newspapers. The years passed and some of the civilians in the town redeemed their reputation, but a stigma remained against the civilians of 1863 living in the countryside. Why?

I’ve written my historical findings and opinion on this subject in a new blog post for Emerging Civil War – Gettysburg Civilians: Evil Beasts or Compassionate Heroes?

Hopefully, this new look at historical evidence will cast light on a subject shaded by prejudice. Here’s the link again.

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. Go ahead and leave comments or questions on ECW’s site and I’ll be happy to answer them over there.

One thought on “Why Do We Ignore Gettysburg Civilians?

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