Holiday History & Craft – October 2015

Holiday History and Craft October 2015 - Yarn PumpkinHappy Fall Y’all! To celebrate one of my favorite seasons of the year, here’s our latest holiday history and craft blog post for kids.

Holiday (Seasonal) History

Autumn is the season of harvest in the northern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere? Yes! You see, there’s an imaginary line running around the middle of the Earth, and that imaginary lines is called the equator. Above the equator is the northern hemisphere and below is the southern hemisphere.

Did you know the earth tilts (leans) toward the sun? When the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, it is summer there, but it is winter in the southern hemisphere. So guess what? When it’s autumn in North America (which is in the northern hemisphere), it’s spring in Australia (which is in the southern hemisphere.)

1280px-Autumn--On_the_Hudson_River-1860-Jasper_Francis_CropseyBy the time autumn comes in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to harvest the crops. Seeds planted in spring, grew into plants in the summer which produced great fruits or vegetables…ready to be harvested in the autumn.

In the olden days, people used to have gatherings and help each other harvest the fields and gardens. Sometimes they would host a corn-husking. The dried husks of corn had to be removed and they would have a “work-party”; the corn would get husked and there were games or dancing.

Autumn is the time to bring in the pumpkins from the fields and get ready to make pumpkin pies. Do you like pumpkin pie?

Today, we’re going to celebrate the autumn season by making a pumpkin decoration!

Craft: Yarn Pumpkin

Holiday History and Craft October 2015 - Yarn PumpkinWhat You’ll Need:



Marker pens

Wet glue

Orange yarn

Scissors (Be careful; scissors are sharp!)

Holiday History and Craft October 2015 - Yarn PumpkinStart by drawing the outline of a pumpkin on the cardstock. Pumpkins have “character” so if yours is a little crooked or uneven, don’t worry! Add the curved lines to the center of the pumpkin. Make sure you draw the stem and make add a vine.



Holiday History and Craft October 2015 - Yarn PumpkinUsing your markers, color the stem (and vine, if you drew one) of the pumpkin. I used a combination of green and brown.





Holiday History and Craft October 2015 - Yarn PumpkinNext, measure the length of the inner lines and cut orange yarn to the correct length. Trace the lines (one at a time) with the wet glue and gently press the yarn onto the glue. Repeat on all the inner lines. Let it dry well.

Trace the outer edge of the pumpkin with glue and press orange yarn into the glue. Let it dry well.


Holiday History and Craft October 2015 - Yarn PumpkinYour pumpkin is now ready to display and admire.

Happy Autumn!


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