Holiday History & Craft – November 2015

P1030797Gobble, Gobble…Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. Whether you prefer turkeys in the wild or on your dining room table, you have to admit they’re part of Thanksgiving in America. Let’s learn little more about the holiday and make a craft.





Artist's idea of the first thanksgivingHoliday History

“The First Thanksgiving” was in 1621. The Pilgrims of Plymouth (in Massachusetts) decided to have a celebration to enjoy the harvest foods and socialize with their friends.

Throughout American history, leaders set aside certain days for prayer and thanksgiving. It was usually a day to attend church and be extra reverent and grateful. During the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln established the last Thursday of November as a national day of thanksgiving – this was first step to making it a national holiday with everybody celebrating on the same day.

In 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt made Thanksgiving Day an official American holiday and announced that it would always be celebrated on the 4th Thursday of each November.

Now, here’s a fun fact about American turkeys… Did you know Benjamin Franklin voted to make the turkey our national bird? Do you know what our national bird is? (It’s the Bald Eagle!) Which do you think the better choice for a national bird and why?

Holiday History and Craft, November 2015Craft: Harvest Turkey

Today we’ll decorate a turkey with some of the “harvest from the fields.” I hope you’ll enjoy this autumn craft.

What You’ll Need:


Printer or Copy Machine

A Turkey Coloring Page (I found my example turkey here  PARENTAL GUIDANCE strongly advised. There were ads on this website).

Colored Pencils

A variety of dried seeds, bean, or rice (I used popcorn, black beans, kidney beans, rice, and green split peas)

Wet Glue

Begin by finding a Turkey Coloring Page (see above for suggested website) or draw your own.

Holiday History and Craft, November 2015Color the turkey with colored pencils and decide which parts are going to be covered with the beans/seeds/rice.





Holiday History and Craft, November 2015Put a moderate amount of wet glue on the area or line you want to cover with beans/seeds/rice and place the items on neatly to cover the area. Continue until all desired areas are covered.



Allow to dry complete.

Display your Harvest Turkey and wish your family “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Holiday History and Craft, November 2015

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