March 2016: Holiday History & Craft

Holiday History & Craft: March 2016

Spring is here (or coming)! Did you know the first day of spring is actually March 20?

Holiday (Seasonal) History

Spring is the season in the northern hemisphere when the world “awakens” from winter. Does it snow in your area? We don’t get much snow where I live, but we’ve had some rainstorms during the winter. The cold weather of winter prepares the plants and the fields for spring.

The weather starts to warm up as spring comes. The trees start to get little green leaves. Flowers come up (or we plant them) and the garden bursts with color. I particularly enjoy seeing the trees blossom and get their new leaves.

Once upon a time a music composer named Vivaldi wrote a song about spring, trying to capture the warmth, brightness, and newness of spring. Maybe you would like to listen to it:


Want to make a craft celebrating the coming of spring? How about a tree that’s blossoming and getting new green leaves? Let’s get started…

Holiday History & Craft: March 2016What You’ll Need



Felt Pens (Markers)

Colored Pencils

Tissue Paper (I used greens and pinks in several different shades)


Paper Plate


Wax Paper

Holiday History & Craft: March 2016Begin by laying out a sheet of wax paper to protect the table.

Next, use the pencil to sketch the trunk and branches of a tree. Outline with brown felt pen. You can add some grass at the bottom of the page if you like. The colored pencils can be used to color the tree trunk and grass.

Cut the tissue paper into small squares. (1 1/2 inches – 2 inch squares is about right, but there’s no reason to be extreme precise)

Holiday History & Craft: March 2016Squeeze some glue onto the paper plate. Then take a tissue paper square and wrap it about the eraser end of the pencil. Dip the paper wrapped end in the glue and stick the paper on a tree branch. Repeat until your tree is full of “blossoms” and “leaves.”



6Let your artwork dry thoroughly, then display and enjoy!

Happy Spring

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