April 2016: Holiday History & Craft

April 2016 Holiday History & Craft - Finger Painted KiteDid you know that April is National Poetry Month? Let’s explore some fun facts about poetry and make a springtime “poetic” craft!

Poetry Trivia

  1. Poetry is actually a form of literature.
  2. Sometimes poetry rhymes and usually it has a particular rhythm when read aloud
  3. Different types and combinations of rhyme and rhythm make different types of poetry
  4. Some of the most famous forms of traditional poetry are: sonnet, haiku, ode, and narrative
  5. Free Verse Poetry does have any particular rhyme of meter and is considered to be a more modern form of poetic literature
  6. An early text and illustration from the Iliad

    An early text and illustration from the Iliad

    Sometimes poetry told (tells) about famous events. One of the most well-known poems ever written is the Iliad – which tells the tale of an ancient war between Greek armies and the city of Troy.

  7. Poetry has often been used as an elaborate way to say “I love you”

Poetry doesn’t always focus on perfectly clear reality. It often describes aspects of nature or emotions and then focuses the readers attention on a new idea.

Many types of poetry are open to interpretation by readers, which means we get sometimes get to decide what’s being described or imagined! Poetry shares a writer’s impression and thoughts and invites the reader to think in a new way about a common subject.

Craft: Poetic & Artistic Impressions of a Kite

Remember how poetry gives an author’s impression of something? Well, art can give impressions too. Today, we’ll combine some poetry and use our fingers to make an artist impression. Ready?

April 2016 Holiday History & Craft - Finger Painted KiteWhat You’ll Need:


Washable paints

Cardstock (I used light blue)


Washable Markers (aka Felt Pens)

Small paper plate

Poetry about a kite (there is a nice archive of short poems HERE – this is not on GZ665, parental supervision is advised)

April 2016 Holiday History & Craft - Finger Painted KiteStart by sketching a kite, kite string, and kite tail on the paper with the pencil. Next carefully write out the poem you chose.  Outline the letters with a marker pen, but don’t outline the kite and strings.

Lay some waxpaper out to protect the table or other work surface. Pour a little of each color paint on the paper plate. Now, prepare to get messy!




April 2016 Holiday History & Craft - Finger Painted KiteDip a finger in one color of paint and begin filling in the sketched kite. When all the kite is finished, brush your finger along the string lines and add the “ribbons” to the kite tail. (See photograph)

Using white paint, create fluffy white clouds around the edge of the page and near the kite and poem. Let your picture dry completely.



You should have a slightly abstract impression of a kite in a cloud-filled sky, drifting above or alongside some poetry.

Happy National Poetry Month!

April 2016 Holiday History & Craft - Finger Painted Kite

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