George Washington & Artwork

_Passage_OfThe_Delaware_byThomasSully_MFABostonIntroducing our new Historical Theme of the Month for July 2016 – Ideals of Independence: Exploring Myths & Facts, 1775-1783. I’m looking forward to using this serious to address some of the true stories and crazy ideas that we have about the American War for Independence.

Today’s blog post is a little different than usual. I wrote it, but you’re going to read it on another website: Emerging Revolutionary War.

We have certain ways that we think of George Washington, but what did he really look like during the 1770’s? Read all about it in this blog post…click the link:

Finding The “Correct” Image of George Washington

Leave a comment on Emerging Revolutionary War and I’ll respond there! (Next week, we’ll go back to the tradition articles on Gazette665).

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. Have a Happy Fourth of July!


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