Politics – Civil War Style

As many of you know, I’ve recently taken the role of Assistant Blog Editor for Emerging Civil War. It’s continuing to be a fun and challenging experience. As a writer, I think it’s awesome. I get to play with more words, edit, and interact with other writers.

emerging civil war

Well, one of the tasks of the “job” is finding ways to bring new historical ideas and content to the ECW website. I like information to be interesting and relevant…so with all the political drama in the modern world, we were inspired to dig out some of the political drama from the Civil War era.

1861_Davis_InauguralThe month-long series “1860’s Politics” just launched on Emerging Civil War today. For October 2016, I’m going to re-blog some of the articles I write for the series. If you want to catch every article by all the series’ participants, follow Emerging Civil War.

For today, here’s the link to the introduction for “1860’s Politics.” (It’s the feature article for the day on Gazette665.)

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. Do you think politics is an over-looked subject in Civil War era studies? Do you have a favorite political leader from the 1860’s? (Share your answers and you might inspire a new article!)

One thought on “Politics – Civil War Style

  1. OMG! Politics is the most overlooked part of the entire war! Nothing was done without politics being involved, from moving and fighting armies to issuing a pardon for a small offense to spending a nickel. As to a “favorite” politician–there are those I love–Lincoln, etc. and those I love to hate–Chase, Weed, etc. and that is just the North!

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