Civil War Politics @ The Movies!

Continuing our October series by sharing articles I’ve been writing for Emerging Civil War’s “1860’s Politics” series, today we invite you to relax and enjoy some movies with a historical and political theme.

conspiratorAll three films featured are rated PG-13 and I’d encourage families to check a parent guide to make sure the movie is suitable for the kiddos. These are recommendations, not official reviews. It gets challenging to review movies for families or individuals when everyone has different opinions and standards (one reason I usually don’t recommend a lot of movies on the blog). However, the films in the blog post are worth viewing for their historical information…so enjoy!

Always wanted to know a little more about Lincoln, Copperhead, or The Conspirator? Check out the recent blog post on Emerging Civil War for more details and enjoy:

Civil War Political Movie Night

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. What’s your favorite Civil War movie?

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