Crafting With Gladness: Map Ornaments

Last Christmas craft blog post for today – watch for another craft day later in the holiday season!

Christmas Map Ornaments

“It’s because we’re farther north. Far from home,” Grandfather sighed. (East To West – short story in With Gladness, page 33).

Do you have a loved one far from home this year? Or perhaps a favorite hometown or vacation spot? How about a favorite historical map?

Our last craft for today helps you transform a map into a special ornament to feature on your Christmas trees, a wreath, or anywhere else you like to hang decorations. (I like decorations in windows!)

Christmas Map OrnamentsWhat You’ll Need:

A map – old road map or a copy of a historical map (don’t you dare use an original!)

Stencils or Cookie Cutters – any shape you like (I used star, heart, and Christmas tree cookie cutters)




Plain paper


Ribbon or Yarn

Other creative supplies – marker pens, sequins, buttons, charms, etc. etc. etc.

Christmas Map OrnamentsStart by tracing the stencil or cookie cutter shape on the cardboard. Cut out the design.





Christmas Map OrnamentsLay the map on a flat surface, front-side down. Place the cardboard shape on the map, centering the map feature you want to use. Trace around the cardboard shape about ¾ of an inch from the edge. (See photo if the explanation isn’t quite clear.)

Cut out the map design. Glue the map and cardboard together; make sure you center the map. Let the ornament dry.

Christmas Map OrnamentsNext fold the extra ¾ inch of map to the back and glue in place. You might need to cut the map edge to help it lay neatly around curves and corners. Let the ornament dry.

On plain paper trace the ornament design, using the original stencil or cookie cutter. Cut just to the inside of the penciled line. Glue to the back of the ornament to hide the folded map. This paper piece should not show from the front. Glue a loop of ribbon or yarn to the back of the ornament. Let the ornament dry. (How did you guess that would be the next step?)

Now, it’s time to decorate the front of the ornament…if you want. Be creative. What inspires you and give happy memories about the map location?Christmas Map OrnamentsP.S. Share a photo of your craft on Gazette665’s public Facebook page! And use the hashtag #craftingwithgladness

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