Crafting With Gladness: Popsicle Stick Winter Photo Frame

Second of three craft blog posts on November 19, 2016

Christmas Historical Photo Frames

For our Revolutionary War story-themed craft, I was at a loss for ideas. At first I thought I’d tell you how to make hardtack and enjoy it with hot wassail…but you have to really, really like historical stuff to enjoy hardtack. There wasn’t much crafting or holiday decorating at Valley Forge, and not everybody loves to knit stockings.

Then I thought of a favorite craft that my mom did with us kids when we were little. Popsicle Photo Frames. They’re cute on the tree, on a bulletin board, as large magnets (just add a magnet strip), and they make great gifts for grandparents if you use photos of grandkids.

I’m going to use historical prints in my examples, and this would be a fun way to incorporate history or patriotic reminders into your Christmas décor. Or you can use any photo or scene that you like!

So how does this tie into “Patriot Dreams” from With Gladness: A Christmas Story Collection? Well, the story does describe some winter scenes…here’s the “prettiest” scenery word picture in the tale:

…a picturesque moment of beauty as the new sunlight made the snow glisten. “It will still be a long road to victory,” Hannah whispered. (page 30)

Christmas Historical Photo FramesWhat You’ll Need:

Popsicle Sticks

Photo or Image – Christmas card, photo, magazine cutout, printed historical image





Ribbon or Yarn

Creative Stuff – sequins, pens, buttons, small flowers, charms, etc. etc.

Christmas Historical Photo FramesLay out a frame design with the popsicle sticks, keeping in mind the size of the image you want to frame. Squares are classic. Pentagons, hexagons, octagons are fun and different. Glue the popsicle sticks together and let them dry.



Christmas Historical Photo FramesPut the frame on the image you want to feature. Trace lightly. Cut out the image and glue it into the frame from the back. (See photo). Let it dry.




Decorate the front of the frame with accents that match or compliment the image “theme.” Add a ribbon or yarn hanger from the back.Christmas Historical Photo FramesEXTRA, EXTRA – READ ALL ABOUT IT!

15Got extra popsicle sticks and accents? How about a star decoration? (It’s a great ornament or accent on that wreath or centerpiece with your clove decorated fruit!)

Follow the photos and glue the popsicle sticks into a star shape? Decorate or leave plain – which ever suites your style or ornament purpose. Add a yarn or ribbon hanger if you’re planning to hang the ornament on the tree, as wall or bulletin board décor, or in a window.


P.S.  #craftingwithgladness Share photos of your finished crafts on Gazette665’s public Facebook page! We’d love to see your creativity…

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