Crafting With Gladness: Decorated Candle Jar

Second craft of the second Christmas Craft Day on Gazette665 in 2016!

Christmas Candle Jar

Though it’s not a project mentioned in “The Christmas Sermon”, this “old-timey” decoration could’ve been created during the Civil War era. Candles or oil lamps were still a main lighting source, though city/town homes often had gas lighting.

Christmas Candle JarWhat You’ll Need:

A medium size glass jar (remove the label, if there is one)

Brown paper



Decorative cutting scissors (optional)

Small star stencil (or cookie cutter)


Red and green pens (I used permanent markers)


Tealight candle

Christmas Candle JarMeasure the height of the flat part of the jar. Measure, estimate or wrap the paper around the jar to figure out the circumference. Use the ruler to measure a rectangle that will cover the jar. Cut the paper. (You can use the decorative cutting scissors to trim the edge, if you like.)


Christmas Candle JarTrace the star stencil or cookie cutter onto the paper, spacing evenly. Carefully cut out the stars. Trace the star cutout edges with red and green pen.



Christmas Candle Jar





Christmas Candle JarGlue one short edge of the paper to the jar. Let it dry.

Apply glue to the rest of the paper and roll it onto the jar. Press and smooth. Let it dry.

Place a tealight candle in the jar and light the candle when ready. (Always be careful of fires, says the authoress – who is also a fireman’s daughter!)

Christmas Candle Jar

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