Crafting With Gladness: Christmas Angels

Craft 2 of 4 today!

Christmas Paper Angels

I’m not exactly sure what this craft has to do with the Christmas story “Stars In The Window” from With Gladness, but it sure is fun and cute. During World War II rationing and recovery from the economic depression of the 1930’s kept Christmas decorations and celebrations creative. Folks made many of their ornaments and other decorations out of items they had on hand. When looking for inspiration for this craft, I raided the wrapping paper scraps and the miscellaneous craft drawer…so I guess you could say it was created in the 1940’s spirit?

Using leftover wrapping paper, rubber bands, a wooden spoon, and a couple other items, we’ll craft some Christmas Angels.

Christmas Paper AngelsWhat You’ll Need:

Wrapping paper scraps


Felt Pen

Wooden spoon stick (the kind you get with ice cream at a baseball game)


Rubber bands

Regular paper

Christmas Paper AngelsBegin by cutting a rectangle of wrapping paper. Mine was about 7″ by 4 1/2″. You don’t really have to measure it, just somewhere in that range is good.

Using the felt pen, draw a face and hair on the large part of the wooden spoon. (See photograph).


Christmas Paper AngelsLay the spoon face down with the face on the right side of the wrapping paper. Fold the paper to meet in the middle about the spoon. Press lightly along the edges. Fold those outside edges in half, coming to the edge of the spoon. Fold the folded paper onto the spoon. (See the photos if this isn’t quite making sense.)


Christmas Paper Angels

Christmas Paper AngelsCarefully, pick up the spoon and folded paper. Rubber band them together.





Christmas Paper AngelsHave some patience in this next step. Ease the paper open and begin to turn it right side out. Work slowly so the paper doesn’t tear. Smooth out the “skirt.”




Christmas Paper AngelsCut a quart sheet of paper. Again, you don’t really have to measure. Accordion or fan fold it. Tape the folded paper to the back of the angel and gently open the folds to make the wings.

All finished!



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Christmas Paper Angels


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