Crafting With Gladness: Vintage Inspirational Sign

Vintage Inspirational SignHere’s the first of four Christmas crafts for today!

During the Dust Bowl era, most folks didn’t have a lot of money. Frugal living sometimes prompts wonderful creativity. Families made little decorations out of commonplace items they found or saved. Christmas cards from years past were an easy item to transform into new decorations.

Here’s a brief description from the story “Song of Hope” in With Gladness:

“Where’s your pa?” Harper asked, as they sat around the table a few minutes later, cutting designs from the holiday cards saved from past years. (Page 78)

There are lots of fun projects to try with left-over or years-old cards. (Gift tags and ornament balls are always fun!) Today, we’ve prepared a project collage to write an inspirational holiday message.

Vintage Inspirational SignWhat You’ll Need:

Cardstock (any preferred color)

Christmas cards or prints (I printed vintage cards that are saved on With Gladness’s Christmas board on Pinterest)


Alphabet letter stencils (option – you can freehand these too)



Decide on an inspiration word (or if you’re really brave do “Merry Christmas). I used Joy and Hope.

Vintage Inspirational SignTrace the letters onto a Christmas card or print. You can also freehand the lettering if you prefer. Try to center or feature special designs from the cards. (See photo if this doesn’t quite make sense.)




Vintage Inspirational SignCut out the letters and arrange them on the cardstock. Glue in place and let it dry.

Finished! These make fun placements, bedroom door decorations, or holiday décor for a bulletin board.



Share a photo of your craft on Gazette665’s public Facebook page! And use the hashtag #craftingwithgladness

Vintage Inspirational Sign

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