Gazette665’s 2016 Year In Review

Gazette665 LogoIt’s the last days of 2016, and it’s a great time to look back at the highlights of the year. So here’s a review of what was new or successful this year on Gazette665:New Stuff in 2016

conference bannerAmerican Civil War History Conference “1861: Marching To War” – was hosted by Gazette665 on June 4, this single day event featured seven speakers and was well-enjoyed by all attendees. (It was so much fun we’re going to host another history conference in 2017!)

With Gladness: A Christmas Story Collection – a new book by Sarah Kay Bierle, written in the summer and released in November.

1861: In Their Words – started in April and running through December this weekly blog series explored Civil War history through primary source quotes. (Join us for 1862 in 2017!)

Gazette665’s Store – online store with professional order processing and safe payments via PayPal

Sarah124Out & About in 2016

Attended 13 Living History Events

Attended 2 Literature Festivals

7 Formal History Presentations

12 Official Book Signings

Attended 3 Civil War Conferences

1 Research Trip To Virginia and Maryland

1 Western History Trip (Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona)

1 Camping “Retreat” (Read lots of history books!)

Blog Statistics


12 Months of Successful, On-Schedule (most of the time) Blogging…Huzzah!

Most Popular Category – American Civil War

Most Popular Tag – 1861-in-their-words

Most Searched For Term (Recorded) – “Temecula Civil War Conference”

1st Prize for Most Popular Blog Post – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Juan Cabrillo

2nd Prize for Most Popular Blog Post – Reputations, Redcoats & Squares: British Soldiers at Waterloo

3rd Prize for Most Popular Blog Post – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Confederate Gray

Current Readership – 247 Official Followers

Blog Posts To Date – 327 articles (141 published this year!)

emerging civil warEmerging Civil War

In 2015 I started writing for a blog called Emerging Civil War and was invited to become a member. This year I accepted new responsibilities and positions with Emerging Civil War including “chairwoman” for the guest post editorial board and assistant blog editor. I continue to write regularly for ECW’s blog and plan to work with the group on more research and writing projects in the future.

One of my blog posts on ECW made their list of most read articles for 2016! Here’s a link: Year In Review #10 Blog Post

To date I’ve written 65 blog posts for Emerging Civil War. Check them out! Sarah Kay Bierle’s ECW Blog Posts 2015-2016

Wishing You A Very Happy 2017…And Looking Forward To Another Great Year Of Historical Research & Writing.

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. What was your favorite blog post of the year on Gazette665?

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