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1862: “I Cannot Expect To Be Of Much Service In The Field”

Head-quarters, Valley District January 31, 1862. Hon. J.P. Benjamin, Sec. of War. Sir, – Your order requiring me to direct General Loring to return with his command to Winchester, immediately, has been received, and promptly complied with.

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Grant’s Cincinnati

A descendant of famous race horses. A rider who could fly on (not off) horses with incredible skill. Those two sentences would be one way to briefly describe General Ulysses S. Grant and his most famous Civil War horse…meet Cincinnati.

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A Revolution At Sea?

The developments in American Colonial maritime link directly to and lead to the American War For Independence (1775-1783). In fact, some of the war’s causes were part of the maritime scene. Trade. Taxes. Import/Export Regulations. And – don’t forget – The … Continue reading

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1862: “How I Long To Hear From You”

January 20, 1862 My own precious Child, I may venture to write now, that it may be, you are stationary. It has not heretofore occurred to me that a letter upon my part was to be thought of. How I … Continue reading

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Jackson’s Little Sorrel

We’re doing something a little different today. Yes, you’ll get to read all about Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson’s war horse…but you have to go to Emerging Civil War’s history blog for the article. While Gazette665 is mine (with all it’s … Continue reading

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Colonial Maritime Trade

Continuing with our examination of the American maritime origins, the Colonial era stands as important time in the development of the trade routes, maritime industries, and the regional industry differences of the United States. (But remember – it’s not the United … Continue reading

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