Jackson’s Little Sorrel

the-generals-horsesWe’re doing something a little different today. Yes, you’ll get to read all about Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson’s war horse…but you have to go to Emerging Civil War’s history blog for the article.

While Gazette665 is mine (with all it’s joys and challenges), it’s not the only place I write and blog. Emerging Civil War invited me to join their historian group in 2015, and last year I became their assistant blog editor. So, of course, I write for them too. Alright, enough about my job. You want to hear about horses…

Meet Little Sorrel – a small, ordinary horse who helped create the legends of “Stonewall.” Discover General Jackson’s horsemanship. Learn about a couple other horses joining Little Sorrel on the commander’s picket line. It’s all here: Stonewall’s Horses @ Emerging Civil War.


Leave your comments and likes on Emerging Civil War. I’ll definitely see them!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

3 thoughts on “Jackson’s Little Sorrel

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