A Change In Plans Because of Monumental Happenings

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I had intended to write a blog post for the Reconstruction Era series this evening and discussion Andrew Johnson’s impeachment and trial. However, there has been a change of plans.

If you follow modern news, you’ve seen the situation unfolding over Confederate monuments. That prompted some phone calls and long email chains at Emerging Civil War where I help with blog managing, and the ECW team decided to put together a series to discuss the current events…and we had to act quickly. The time I would normally have devoted to research and writing here at Gazette665 got shifted to the emerging series.

Forgive the sudden change in plans. It’s not normal to do things this way at Gazette665, but circumstances dictated this week. Next week – I promise – I will write about Andrew Johnson. Maybe even two posts on the Reconstruction Era.

I’d encourage you to check-out “The Monumental Discussion” on Emerging Civil War. My article should appear over the weekend, assuming it’s approved.

Have a good weekend. Stay safe. And we’ll see you Monday for Gazette665’s regular post on the Civil War.

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. Attending Twain Literature Festival on Saturday so watch our Facebook page for photos and maybe a video if I get ambitious!

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