12 Things To Watch For In Gazette665’s 2018

It’s a new year, and as promised, here’s a list of the new features to watch for on Gazette665 in 2018. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you’re most excited about!

1863: In Their Words

The new blog series with a post every Monday. If 1862: In Their Words ended, it must be time to introduce the new year – 1863. This new series will follow basic format as its predecessors with a shared primary source and historical details related to the document/text.

Wednesday Blog Posts

In 2018, expect a variety of series on Wednesdays. Each article series will last about four months, and the first will be Author’s Notes on Lighthouse Loyalty, revealing some of the history behind the details in Lighthouse Loyalty. You know, those details that just didn’t quite find a home in 2017’s 19th Century American Maritime. Author’s Notes will have a chatty, conversational tone while sharing historical facts.

Later in the year, watch for Field Notes from my research trips and maybe some history of celebrating Fourth of July on Wednesdays.

Historical Themes of the Month

Continuing with tradition, our Friday blog posts will follow a historical theme and we’ll introduce a new theme every month. We’re starting off January 2018 with The Generals’ Horses, Part II. It was one of our most popular themes last year, and I’ll wrangled together some great historical facts on four more Civil War generals and their equestrian friends!

Want to see all the upcoming themes? Visit the Event Page!

Tea With Sarah

Yep, we’re adding a fourth series, but this one won’t be an article every week…

You’re cordially invited on January 13 and every other Saturday for the rest the year to join Miss Sarah for tea on Gazette665 Blog. 

What does that mean? It means I’d like to have a conversation with my readers. I get questions about my life and research that I’m willing to answer, but they don’t always fit into the other blog posts. This is a chance to have a chat on the blog, answer your questions, and hopefully ask you some questions too. When I want to “catch up” with friends, I often invite them to have a cup of tea. These posts are a way to connect with readers and be a little more personal, accessible.

Want to ask some questions and get the conversation started at the “first tea”? Send me a message through this form and let the party begin!

3rd Annual Civil War History Conference

I am so excited to be planning Gazette665’s Third Annual Civil War History Conference! The theme is 1863: Battling For Freedom. We have a great panel of speakers and a wonderful conference team. Please check-out the details and come join us for a memorable event…

The Virginia Trip

Let the countdown begin…

I will be traveling to Virginia and Maryland this April for a research trip. Along the way, I’ll be lecturing at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and maybe a Civil War Round Table. And – if that isn’t enough excitement – my mom is going with me, and I can’t wait to show her all the beautiful and historical places I love. Stay tuned because we’ll find a way to share some photos and updates from the journey.

The Historical Road Trip

Now, I can’t reveal as many details here…because we’re still figuring out the plan. But I can share that I’m looking forward to a historic road trip with a friend during the summer. (She’s never visited Colonial Williamsburg, and that’s definitely on the trip bucket list!)

A Few More Sales

Who doesn’t like to save money? Gazette665’s store now regularly stocks six products, and we’ll be hosting some special sales throughout the year!


You might have noticed in your social media feeds (or if you work in the marketing industry, you definitely know) that videos are the “in” and a trendy thing. Gazette665 is working toward sharing some nice videos about historical topics on social media. I’m also trying to get comfortable with the idea of recording some videos “on location” and might be able to give you a glimpse of battlefields or other historical locations we’re traveling to.


Last autumn, I trialed an infograph in a blog post and it was very popular! (Check it out HERE.) While infographs won’t replace blog posts, I’m working on incorporating these visual elements into the blog post or social media posts throughout the year.

A New Book???????

No promises. But I can tell you I’m working on a non-fiction manuscript that’s under contract with a traditional publisher, and I’m working on some new historical fiction too.

You’ll be the first to know when a new book is releasing!

Let’s Stay Connected

Come follow Gazette665 on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And don’t forget to sign-up for our newsletter! We want to bring history to your inbox or screen with relevant details to inform and inspire you.

Happy 2018!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

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