Tea With Sarah: California Civil War, Historical Movie, & Valentine’s Day

Good afternoon, it’s time for tea!

The blog scheduler (oops, that’s me) made a slight mistake and we’re having tea two weeks in a row, but actual works best with the big picture plan. So happy day – more tea and cookies for us, right?

We did have a couple questions from a blog reader or Gazette665’s team, and then we used a question that has been discussed recently around here.

Feel free to share your thoughts or answers to the questions in a comment. It’s always nice to hear from readers!

Teresa: What is the interest of the Civil War in California?

I think this questions refers to how interested are Californians in Civil War history. (If that wasn’t the intended question, correct me in a comment and we’ll keep chatting.)

A few photos from Gazette665’s 2017 Civil War History Conference

It varies. There are some die-hard Civil War history buffs out here on the West Coast, some Civil War roundtables, and some groups focused on “heritage.” Overall, it’s not the same atmosphere as the East Coast. As far as general public interest, crowds still show up at Civil War living history days or re-enactments, but many attend for the show, not the history. Still, it’s always an opportunity to reach out and educate, and that’s the way I choose to look at it.

Happily, my company has been able to reach out to many Civil War Round Tables and folks who are genuinely interested in Civil War history. We’ve had some wonderful discussions, and Gazette665’s history conference has opened an affordable, annual, and local historical education event for the Southern California community.

One thing that’s always interesting is to see how much folks know about California’s role in the Civil War. How many famous generals were stationed out here before the conflict? How did California’s gold help the Union? What about supporting the Sanitary Commission? And did you know Southern California talked about seceding? Just to name a few topics! I’m always fascinated to learn about California’s role in the war and am often surprised by wonderful facts; I try to appreciate the history of my own state and community, even while I spend a lot of time researching the war in the east.

What about your home state? How’s the interest in Civil War history?

M.A.: What historical incident would you most like to see turned into a GOOD movie?

Battle of Britain! And I think with the 2017 releases Dunkirk and Darkest Hour the stage might be set for a wonderful, heroic, heart-wrenching, victorious film about this prolonged battle in World War II.

If we’re talking Civil War… I think an accurate movie about the 1st Minnesota Regiment would be fantastic (though probably not a block buster). I’d like it to see it focus on a few characters in the regiment and that unit’s experiences, not become a “preachy epic” trying to cover the whole war.

What historical event would you like to see as a movie?

Valentine’s Day is coming. Are you excited?

Yes, actually! Though maybe not for the traditional, romantic ideas associated with the holiday. (Flowers, dinner, chocolate, etc.)

Today (Saturday) I’m going to a Valentine Tea, and later in the month, my church is hosting a special Valentine-themed dinner. I love to make friendship Valentine cards, and it’s always a fun opportunity to get in the kitchen and make some sweet treats to share with others. Oh, and Gazette665’s office door will be getting a holiday wreath and I’ll share a photo of it on our social media accounts so stay tuned.

And at Emerging Civil War, I’ve been editing (and writing) some nice articles for the holiday. I found a sweet love story in a collection of letters by a Union soldier and am hoping to share them in a blog post for the holiday occasion.

What about you? Any non-traditional, fun holiday plans?

Thanks for joining me for tea and a chat! Have a topic for tea conversation for our next “gathering” on February 17th? (That’s President’s Day weekend – lots of possible questions there.) Leave a comment…

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

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