2018 Civil War Conference: Event Traditions Continue

Tradition…tradition… Can you have traditions after just three years? We think so. There are definitely some traditions you’ll see at our Third Annual Civil War History Conference on Saturday, June 2, 2018.

I thought today it would be fun share how some of these Gazette665 event traditions got started and why we’re so excited to continue. Then, next week I’ll share why Gazette665 started hosting history conferences and some of our hopes for the future! Stay tuned – big happenings ahead and the traditions becoming more firmly rooted…

Starbucks Coffee In The Morning

Every year, we offer morning coffee and tea at the conference. It’s a hospitality gestures since the event check-in starts early. Though we collect and offer a variety of teas, we decided you can’t go wrong with name brand coffee: Starbucks! (And – seriously – I don’t have a clue how to brew a proper cup of coffee, so it’s better to let the baristas prepare the coffee and I will prepare a history lecture.)

It’s always wonderful to see the conference guests checking in, getting coffee or tea, and mingling. The historical conversations start early and then “formalize” as the conference speakers begin the morning’s presentations…usually after a cup of coffee with the guests!

Panera Bread For Lunch

At the very first conference we hosted in 2016, I knew we needed to serve lunch. Catering seemed like the best and safest option, and I started looking for something hearty, delicious, and easy to serve. One of my all-time favorite restaurants is Panera Bread: great food, relaxed atmosphere, and relatively healthy. (And nobody is paying me to say that…) When I found out Panera offered catered boxed lunches, that was the proverbial golden ticket!

Hearty sandwiches or crisp salad are offered as menu choices during registration, and every year guests have enjoyed the catered meal. Sometimes, I wonder if we should change it, but then I remember my mom’s advice – why mess with a good thing? So – for now at least – Panera Bread lunches are a solid tradition.

Playing Card Doorprize Drawings

Ever looked into all the legal rules of raffles and drawings? Headache 101.

I love to give gifts, but it’s also important to do everything properly and legally. At the first conference, we launched a door prize drawing – a giveaway of donated books and gift baskets. Each registered guest receives a pair of playing cards when they check-in; one card goes in the drawing box and the other is kept. At lunch time, we start drawing cards and handing out gifts to the lucky winners.

Interesting, the playing card drawing starting a little trend at other California history conferences and it’s proved to be good fun at other events too!

The Conference Book Shop

It is a truth universally acknowledged that history buffs cannot have too many books. We all know this – right?

Every year it’s fun to choose and coordinate the books and products to feature at the conference. First, we feature books written by conference speakers, then I usually pick some books related to the conference themes to provide a larger selection. Gazette665 is very excited to work with Savas Beatie Publishers to feature books from the Emerging Civil War series!

Want to see the books, CDs, and art previews for this year? Click here.

If you’re not able to come to the conference this year, we still have good news for you. Some of the products are currently listed in Gazette665’s online store and others will appear in the coming weeks (if we don’t sell out at the event).

Event Details

Thinking about making Gazette665’s Civil War History Conference your traditional way to kick off the summer months? Tickets are available through May 30th this year.

Additional event details:

  • Where? Temecula Conference Center (Temecula, CA)
  • When? Saturday, June 2, 2018
  • What? Six historical presentations, four historical displays, coffee, catered lunch, Q&A sessions, door prize drawing, book shop!
  • How? Registration is required. Regular registration is just $50.00. (Hint for 2019: Early Bird Registration lets you save $10 and is always available through mid-April)

See you there?

Your Historian and Conference Coordinator,

Miss Sarah

P.S. Gazette665 Blog’s Fourth Birthday is coming up! Believe it or not… I first set up the website over Memorial Day weekend and the very first post went out on June 1, 2014. Here’s to many more years of blogging and events!

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