Happy New Year – 2019

It’s a new year! And we’re wishing you a successful and happy 365 days ahead.

What’s Coming Next at Gazette665…

While there are a few surprises that will stay tucked away for now, there are definitely some plans for 2019 that I’m so excited to share with you. Here’s a little preview about what to expect on Gazette665 this year.

Mondays – 1864: In Their Words

It’s been a tradition for the last three years, so it seems right to continue with the primary source focused series from the Civil War. 1864 was the year of Grant taking command, Sherman marching to the sea, Sheridan burning the valley…um, not a particularly good year for the Confederates. But, of course, soldiers and officers on both sides and the civilians too had something to say about the happenings, and we’ll get to read their words 155 years after the accounts were penned.

Wednesdays – Stop Here! Historic Places To Visit

For the first three months of 2018, Gazette665 will feature places to visit in the Shenandoah Valley. I’ve spent a couple research trips in the region and have found some wonderful historic sites. With lots of photos and information about the history at the locations, these posts should be fun to read, even if you aren’t building a travel bucket list.

Fridays – Historical Theme of the Month

Keeping with tradition, Fridays’ blog posts will rotate through different themes. January’s theme will be “Make Me A Map: A Look at Civil War Cartography” and February will focus on the Underground Railroad during the antebellum period. In March we’ll take a journey in to World History and talk about queens who plotted wars.

New Book

Sometime in Spring 2019 my new book will be released. Nonfiction and published Savas Beatie Call Out The Cadets focuses on the Battle of New Market in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864. We’ll keep you informed and share more historical details about the battle as the release date and battle anniversary gets closer!

American Civil War History Conference – 1864: Fighting To Survive

It’s on the calendar, the speaker list is here, and early bird registration is open… We can’t wait to open the doors for our 4th annual history conference on June 1, 2019! Check out all the details here. Will we see you there?

Best wishes for a very happy beginning of 2019!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2019

  1. Anyone who has not had the pleasure of hearing Chris Mackowski speak should plan to attend this conference. He is one of the most dynamic and knowledgeable presenters on the Civil War speaking circuit. Strongest lineup yet, nice job Sarah!

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