Stop Here! Historic Places To Visit

Last year I made two trips to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley for research, and on one of those journeys my mom came with me. We’d be driving down a wonderful one and a half lane country road, and I’d call out, “Wait! Stop! That’s a historic marker.” So we’d pull off and check out the sign or site.

In the time I’ve spent in The Valley, I’ve found some really remarkable and wonderful places to visit. (There are even more on my list to go back and see!) For the first Wednesday blog series of 2019, I thought it would be fun to take you on a trip through words and photographs to some of my favorite sites in Virginia that are easily accessible.

Hopefully, these “trips” in the winter months will inspire you to head east (or whatever direction will take you to the Shenandoah Valley) and do a little exploring in the spring or summer…or fall when the autumn colors are spectacular. Or if you’re at the point of not adding more to your travel bucket list, enjoy the little trips every week right from your computer.

Thinking about visiting the Shenandoah Valley? Here are a few seasonal tips to keep in mind:

Spring – it’s beautiful and the flowers are blooming. It can be a little chilly, though, so make sure to bring layers of clothing. And an umbrella and jacket. The rain is still cold in the early season.

My mom and I became experts at finding good places for frozen custard…next to historic sites! Fun times.

Summer – prepare for thunderstorms and they are spectacular…and usually followed by gorgeous rainbows. Pretty flowers are still in the fields, and the sunsets are unforgettable. The days will be warm and a little muggy. If you’re going battlefielding or hiking, do your research and take appropriate bugspray – just in case! Also keep an eye open for snakes if you’re like me and traipse across the fields.

Autumn – I haven’t been to the valley in the fall season. Yet. But my friends and colleagues tell me it is one of the best times to visit. The days are mild, but you might want to layer the clothing. The fall colors and crisp air make great photography opportunities.

Winter – again, I haven’t experienced this one, but it looks chilly and clear on the fair days and icy on the stormy days. Probably a good time to check out the museum or indoor sites while there’s snow on the ground. If you’re a battlefield geek, however, winter can offer a wonderful opportunity to study the terrain without tall grass and heavy foliage on the trees. Just sayin’ what they tell me…

Ready to travel? Me too! In fact, I’ll be back in The Valley this spring…for more research…and a book tour.

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

3 thoughts on “Stop Here! Historic Places To Visit

  1. Funny,today I was just beginning a rough draft of a year-long trip we’re planning on taking when David retires. I’ll have to add this to our itinerary! Thanks! PS…did that frozen custard come in non-dairy form???

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