New Market: Why This Battle?

I like to talk directly to people. I’ve come to enjoy presenting history to an audience. I love blogging. But to stand or sit in front of a camera’s eye and talk for a video? RUN! (At least in the past…)

For a couple years, I’ve thought that Gazette665 should move toward producing videos about history, and now is the moment. To overcome fears. To start getting more historical information on a very popular platform.

Today, we launch Gazette665’s YouTube Channel and first history video series. We also start talking about my new NONFICTION book about the Battle of New Market which was fought on May 15, 1864 in the Shenandoah Valley.

Heads-up: This first video is a little longer than future ones. I literally sat down in the front of the camera with an outline and just talked – getting more comfortable with the “camera eye.” It’s actually very similar to conversations I’ve had with friends about this research and book project. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s talk about New Market in a personal way.

Why New Market?

Video Highlights:

  • Book Cover and Details
  • Why New Market? It goes back to summer 2016…
  • Doing research
  • About the upcoming video series
  • Five fascinating things about New Market history

Thanks for watching!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

Want to pre-order Call Out The Cadets: The Battle of New Market? It’s listed in Gazette665’s Store and you can leave directions for personal booksigning!

5 thoughts on “New Market: Why This Battle?

  1. Still working towards my first book- still writing it. Was inspired for my Fairy Frogs book from a walk on one of Charlotte’s greenways. My book started from world-building to having character names then establishing a plot.

      • Fairy Frogs are the most magical and enchanting animals in the Cattail Forest. In The Cattail Forest, they live in Fairy Creek. What is a Fairy Frog. A Fairy Frog is clever, deeply compassionate, and naturally gifted in the arts. While each Fairy Frogs shares those three characteristics, each still has their own distinct personalities.

        Fairy Creek- as the name says, home to creeks lined with pebbles they painted, and some are craved. There is a grove of trees in the center with round treehouses. There is a treehouse that is bigger than the others. The trees are connected by bridges- the bridges are pink and blue. At the bottom of trees, red mushrooms with white dots on top. To the left of the grove of trees- is a flower-shaped Gazebo. Fairy Creek does have a number of Cattails.

  2. Five more weeks and I’ll be there with Hart’s Engineers where we belong….on the left flank of the cadets!

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