New Market: The Town & Community

The back of the Strayer House, New Market, VA

New Market, Virginia, was not reserved land for the battle in 1864. It was a town and community that war invaded.

When was the town founded? Why was it named “New Market”? How many people lived there in the 1860’s? What were they names? Are their homes still standing today?

Today’s video addresses these questions about the town of New Market. Hopefully, it reminds you that Civil War battles took place in real communities and you’ll appreciate the civilian side of the story which clashed with the military events.

The Town & Community

Video Highlights

  • Location of New Market
  • Town’s beginnings
  • Population, Politics, and Militia!
  • Why New Market? Why was the battle fought there? (Hint: The Gap)
  • Civilian photos
  • Modern town photos

Thanks for watching!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

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