New Market: The Union General, Plan & Units

Franz Sigel, LOC

Spoiler: The Confederates won the Battle of New Market. But there wouldn’t have been a battle without two sides. Two combative armies.

Today’s video takes a closer look at the Union strategy in the spring of 1864, the life of the new Union general in the Valley region, and the order of battle list for the Union army at New Market. From their excitement to “fight mit Sigel” to frustration and a battlefield defeat, Union soldiers marched and fought their way through the campaign with great courage. For some of the units, New Market was just an episode in their Shenandoah Valley combat record and they would return to fight again other generals.

The Union General, Plan & Units

Video Highlights

  • Union plans and strategy at the beginning of 1864
  • Franz Sigel’s life
  • Units in Sigel’s army and the chain of command
  • Orders arrive…

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