New Market: May 13-14, 1864

Should we consider New Market a three day battle? It’s a question open for debate.

Traditionally, the battle date for New Market has only been May 15, 1864, but important military actions and battling skirmishes occurred on the two previous days which are key to understanding the larger-scale fighting. Today’s video dives into the set-up history, exploring how the opening conflicts staged the main battle and why its important understand these foundational moments in New Market history.

May 13-14, 1864

Video Highlights

  • The Cavalry Fight on May 13
  • Photos of New Market Gap from the east side
  • Franz Sigel divides his army
  • The Fight to New Market on May 14
  • The Situation in the night

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Miss Sarah

One thought on “New Market: May 13-14, 1864

  1. I love this site. I’m making 1908 post office Vail replica. Using Redwood, acacia wood, and literally Adobe, 50th scale. So far so good. Absolutely love the history, almost persecuted to the point. Glad to see people still upholding the history

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