New Market: Shirley’s Hill & Manor’s Hill

A modern view of Shirley’s Hill

Well, at long last, we’ve made it to the opening shots on May 15, 1864, in our video series about the Battle of New Market.

This new video addresses the troop positions, Sigel’s divided army, Breckinridge’s big decision, the advance, and the first time the Cadets from VMI came under fire. In addition to maps and history discussion, you’ve find some video clips filmed on location on the two hills.

Shirley’s Hill & Manor’s Hill

Video Highlights

  • Welcome back
  • Re-cap what happened on May 14
  • Breckinridge brings his Confederate Army to the field
  • Sigel delays, leaving his army strung out over approximately 20 miles of Valley Pike
  • The report and orders Breckinridge had received
  • The Confederate’s mid-day advance
  • The Cadets advance as reserves and come under artillery fire
  • The Confederate push Union troops off Manor’s Hill
  • The battle isn’t over…

Thanks for watching!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

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