New Market: Bushong Lines

Part of the topography at the Confederate line along Bushong Field, modern view.

Okay, I broke down and had to explain these battle lines in detail… This video is a lot of “this regiment was here, this regiment was there.” But, then we’ll give you the boots on the ground, real soldier perspective too. (Or you can just skip ahead to see the maps and hear those accounts.)

It’s crucial to understand the Union and Confederate unit alignments along the Bushong Lines (third Union defensive position). To avoid explaining at the beginning of each “action video,” we take the time to explain it. Once! Then just reference back in the future.

You just might find this much more interesting and informative than you imagine…

Bushong Lines

Video Highlights

  • The Union regiments and cannon alignment
  • The Confederate regiments and cannon alignment
  • Perspective from Dr. Alexander Neil
  • Perspective from Colonel Welles, 34th Massachusetts

Thanks for watching!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

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