Life Happens…

Well, folks, here’s the good news. God is merciful. I’m alive. The sun is shining in Richmond, Virginia. And I will be able to do research without a computer…

Here’s the bad news: the tech expert has pronounced my laptop dead. And that means I am not going to be able to finish editing my New Market video. Honestly, it’s recorded and the footage is safe. I just don’t have the ability to run the video editor from my phone.

So, what’s next? I will aim to get Friday’s post finished from my phone. I will try to keep up with emails from that phone app. If you have sent a Facebook message to Gazette665’s page, I am not able to access those at this time due to one of my phone’s quirks. Message me here in a comment if it is urgent! Or send an email.

When Plan A fails, invent Plan B.

I apologize for any disappointment. I know I’m bummed about not getting to share the cadet video this morning. But life happens, life goes on. The sun is shining and there’s a chance of thunderstorms, and the research libraries are still open. It can still be a good day and a good week and I’ll have lots of history to share when technology is on my side again.

Your historian,

Miss Sarah

2 thoughts on “Life Happens…

  1. I know you have a lot going in right now but I was wondering if you had a need for any Civil War books? I just moved to Murrieta and I don’t have room for my entire library. All non fiction. I can deliver. Joann Knowles

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    • Hi Joann,
      Thanks for the offer, but I’ve having trouble with shelf space at the moment. May I encourage you to donate to the Murrieta Library bookstore or reach out to the Murrieta Historical Society? If you feel like trekking if they say “Yes”, you could check with Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands or Drum Barracks in Wilmington CA; they both have nice research libraries and might need new additions. 🙂

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