Happy To Report…

Kelly’s Ford – one of the battle sites visited on my recent trip that sudden became an unplanned “unplugged” experience.

Well, it’s been a while. Almost two weeks without a blog post and that’s never happened before in the four years of Gazette665’s existence.

I am happy to report that the history posts will now go on and there are plans to both move forward and also “catch up” – so there might be more posts than usual appearing this week, though we will try to back date a few and publish them in the correct order.

The big question? Is my laptop fixed? I don’t know. It’s still at the shop, and I will be getting an update on Monday. But, thankfully, I’m able to borrow one of the family’s computers when I “take a number” for usage and the blog post press can start rolling again.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and the kind words you sent when I explained the drama that unfolded in Richmond.


Miss Sarah

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