New Market: The Union Retreat

Capt. Henry DuPont, Union artillery officer

If a possible is impossible to hold, a retreat will happen. With attacks coming from the right, left, and center, the Union line along Bushong Hill headed for collapse. This new video explores how and why that happened, along with highlighting the history of James Madison Burns and Henry DuPont who exhibited exceptional courage during the retreat.

With the action on May 15, 1864, coming to a close, we’re also heading for the close of this video series. But fear not – we have at least two more weeks (watch for the next install next Wednesday) and so we’ll be unveiling plans for a new video series with a history focus.

The Union Retreat

Video Highlights

  • 3 Reasons the Union Line got “doomed” at New Market
  • Capturing Bushong Hill
  • The Retreat
  • The story of James Madison Burns
  • Where’s the Confederate Cavalry?
  • Confederate pursuit
  • Captain Henry DuPont and his artillery
  • Burning the bridge

Thanks for watching!

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Miss Sarah

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