New Market: Let’s Just Chat… (Conclusion)

We’re wrapping up the New Market Video Series for 2019, and today I’m answering some questions about my research, book tour, and ongoing interest in the history. No lectures today, just some honest, candid musings and thoughts.

I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts about New Market. Don’t make this an awkward one-sided conversation! Leave a comment, question, or something relevant that’s on your mind.

Let’s Just Chat: Concluding The Video Series

Video Highlights

  • Some of the most asked questions about New Market
  • Who I’d want to meet for coffee if I could time travel and meet someone from New Market history…
  • Am I still researching New Market?
  • Where do I want to go on the battlefield (that I haven’t been)?
  • How did Call Out The Cadets change me or help me learn and grow?
  • The history or the land?

Thanks for following the New Market Video Series and we’ve got more videos coming soon with a new angle for Civil War history.

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

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