Searched & Answered: Abraham Lincoln

He’s probably one of the most famous—if not THE most famous—person from the Civil War era: Abraham Lincoln. He’s also one of the most popular presidents of the United States and is remembered through epic or heroic lens, even though he wasn’t actually that popular during his lifetime. Time and a better understanding of Lincoln’s legacy has added to his importance and reveals that his “common man” life still resonates with us today.

It was exciting to see what questions came up when I searched “Abraham Lincoln.” As expected, the questions focused on Lincoln’s memory and legacy so I expanded into the historical perspective also! It was a fascinating project. Enjoy the video and discussion about this famous president…

Searched & Answered: Abraham Lincoln

There are so many stories and facts and documents about Lincoln or created by him that we could talk about him for days! Do you have questions you wished had been prompted? Do you think Lincoln has the most books written about him for any person during the Civil War?

Thanks for watching!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

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