Searched & Answered: Robert E. Lee

Open a history textbook, find the Civil War chapter. If there are photographs, I can almost guarentee you’ll see an image of Robert E. Lee. He has become the face, the figurehead, as the Confederate leader (because we all know that the war was only fought in Virginia and on the battlefields – sarcasm, folks).

As I typed his name into an internet search engine, I wondered what suggested search questions would appear. Would it be a way to “take a pulse” on Lee’s memory in this modern era? Interestingly, his beliefs involved the first question, but then there were several questions focused on his military, battlefield success.

Check out the new video to see the questions and how we dug up some history for short answers and discussions…

Searched & Answered: Robert E. Lee

Is there a question you wished had been suggested? We’d love to continue the chat in the comments.

Thanks for watching!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

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