We’re Moving! (To Virginia, but Coming Back to California)

(Just in case you’re not on our newsletter list…we wanted to make sure you heard the big, exciting news!)

In the summer while near Fredericksburg for the Emerging Civil War Symposium, I wandered over to Pelham’s Corner. It’s a tiny piece of preserved land, sitting at the corner of a modern intersection with cars zipping by at regular intervals. 

However, in December 1862 as the battle unfolded on the 13th, this spot marked the advanced position of a twenty-four year old Confederate artillery officer who hauled a single cannon to this place and sent a raking fire into the attacking Union troops’ flank as they headed to “Stonewall” Jackson’s lines. That artilleryman—Major John Pelham—was noticed by General Robert E. Lee and became a legend, thanks in part to his actions during the Battle of Fredericksburg.

It was a fascinating place to visit. I’ve trekked out to remote artillery positions, but most are unmarked and many un-preserved. Pelham’s Corner is a wonderful exception, thanks to the efforts of Central Virginia Battlefields Trust. 

As I stood there and pondered history and preservation on that hot August day, I did not dream that I would get a series of phone calls in September and have the opportunity to join Central Virginia Battlefields Trust’s team to advocate and work for preservation and advance historical awareness.

I have accepted a position on staff with CVBT and am in the process of moving to Virginia to start work in mid-October. Yes, it has happened very quickly! I’m thrilled beyond words, excited, and, of course, a little nervous. The opportunity to use my skill set and love of research and education for this non-profit is a dream come true.

What does this mean for Gazette665?

Great question. Short answer: lots of good things.

1. The 2020 Civil War Conference will still be hosted in Temecula, California!
2. Blogging and vlogging will continue on schedule as best as possible.
3. Plans are in the works to actually grow Gazette665’s reach and audience with some new features next year.
4. While speaking engagements might not be as easy to schedule in Southern California, I will come back from time to time to visit family and may be able to schedule future presentations around these visits.

Since Gazette665 has been using technology, websites, and social media from the beginning, it’s certainly not going away with a move. We’ll just be getting more creative with some aspects of events after the 2020 Conference in April.

It’s really just “hello” to many new adventures and expanding the opportunities to share historical information and inspiration with you! I appreciate all your support and interest in history and look forward to continuing our discussions about the past with new resources and insights.

Your Historian,
Miss Sarah Kay Bierle

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