2020 Civil War History Conference

Gazette665 is pleased to present its 5th Annual Historical Conference in Southern California. Join us to commemorate the 155th Anniversary of the Civil War.

The American Civil War – 1865: Turning Homeward

Saturday, April 4, 2020 – 8:30am ’til 5pm (lunch included)

Temecula Conference Center – 28690 Mercedes St, Temecula, CA 92590


Guest Speakers

David T. Dixon

Red, White, and Black: The Civil War as a Radical, International Revolution

David T. Dixon’s research, writing, and public speaking brings formerly obscure Civil War characters to light and highlights courage of uncommon citizens.

Phill Greenwalt

The Carolina Campaign and Surrender at Bennett Place

Phill Greenwalt is an editor at Emerging Civil War and lead editor at Emerging Revolutionary War and has authored four books, including an introduction to the Carolinas Campaign of 1865.

Meg Groeling

An American Game: Baseball and the Civil War

Meg Groeling is a regular contributor at Emerging Civil War and has authored several history and biography books.

Keith Harris

How Confederates Remembered The Civil War

Keith Harris has taught history at universities and high school. He is known for his podcast The Rogue Historian and has written about Civil War commemoration.

Dr. Brian Matthew Jordan

Marching Home: Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War”

Dr. Jordan’s research and book about Union veterans and their struggles after the battles ended became a runner-up for a Pulitzer Prize.

Michael Oddenino

The Road to Appomattox

Michael Oddenino is a popular speaker at Civil War Round Tables and studied at history at Virginia Tech.

Sarah Kay Bierle – Coordinator

Lincoln’s Last Days Through Gustave Koerner’s Eyes

Sarah Kay Bierle – author, blogger, and managing editor at Emerging Civil War – enjoys studying many aspects of the Civil War, with a focus on Virginia.

Please contact the conference team if you have questions.