What’s Trending Now?

(I’ve got more 1865 history coming up. Promise!)

But over the weekend in my usual Gazette665 blogging time, I needed to start working on a response to Gone With The Wind which has been trending in the news. So…I’ve just about got a lengthy series finished up for Emerging Civil War blog (and I’ll add links here when the series is completely published.)

It’s part of my commitment to have dialog and conversation while providing historical reference. Since I spent about a year researching the authoress, novel, and movie, it’s been time to collect my thoughts and raise some questions for what is happening as Gone With The Wind trends. Again. Did you know that the movie has been protested since the days it was filmed in Hollywood? More details coming up…

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. Last winter, I had the opportunity to visit Margaret Mitchell’s home in Atlanta. Here’s an article about that trip.

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