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Gazette: (noun) a newspaper; a sheet or half-sheet of paper containing an account of transactions which are deemed important and interesting. (Noah Webster Dictionary, 1828)

Psalm 66:5 – “Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men.”

Everyday is changing and challenging. We might feel like we’re living in unprecedented times, but when we look back in history we find examples of men and women rising to meet the moment and making a difference in their world. It’s in the “unprecedented moments” that discoveries are made, lives are changed, nations are formed, and ideas spring to life.

Here at Gazette665, we want to help you discover history in a informative truthful way through articles, videos, books, and online courses. Our business and teaching philosophies have evolved (positively!) through the years, but our underlying goal is still the same:

Share history to inform and inspire, providing points to ponder as we seek to make a difference in writing the saga of today.

Gazette665 started in 2014 as just a blog. Then it grew to publishing historical fiction. And grew again to hosting history conference in Southern California. Today, we’re embracing a new period of change as our brand manager (and owner) Sarah Kay Bierle engineers how to bring her expanding research into cited articles (at last!) and new avenues of opportunity to fulfill our mission.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey and explore the many resources on our website pages and in the blog archives.

Forward – with a smile!

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